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Correspoondence is a restaurant consultancy business based in Central Texas that is designed to bring outside ‘eyes’ to your operation, to improve your profit margins, and bring value to your hospitality business.

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We know that customer experience rules the roost in the restaurant industry and that pleasing customers is not always as easy as it may seem. Correspoondence helps you to counter this problem by delivering consistent and high-quality feedback to all of our clients, with an accompanying non-disclosure agreement (NDA), with each contract. Correspoondence is determined to help restaurant owners better understand how they can improve their customer’s experience, bringing returned visits. Correspoondence conducts extensive consumer surveys, drawing out the reasons and motivations behind a diner's decision to frequent a restaurant or not.

Our Methods

Once on site, a team member will focus on a variety of areas which are pre-specified by restaurant management and fill out an in-depth questionnaire which explores every aspect of your operations. This feedback is then packaged in an easy to understand and actionable report which can then be discussed with your management.

Correspoondence works closely with restaurant management to help improve your profit and customer experience. A member from our team will meet with management, discuss where your restaurant most needs improvement, and provide an in-depth customer perspective on those elements of your restaurant with professional input on how to improve.

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Correspoondence has an enthusiastic team who are all dedicated to helping Central Texas enjoy its food more.

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Our founder, Pete McRae, has an extensive background in food service and hospitality. Having managed establishments himself Pete has expertise in all aspects of restaurant management. In 2015, Pete began a small project, surveying local food service establishments and has refined his techniques to a level in which he and his team can bring management a clearer understanding of the likes and dislikes of their customers.

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